When I went to the breeder to pick out my first Havanese I was hoping for a mostly all black dog since I had my white bichon frisse. I had been looking for the right dog to be a companion for my Bella, who needed one desperately. She was on valium from losing Bobbie our schnauzer just 5 months earlier and was constantly crying. She was eight and had never been without a canine friend ever. The drive was only an hour away and I was getting very excited for Bella and for our family.

When I arrived I was told to wait in the kitchen while she went to get my puppy. I had asked for a girl since Bella was a girl and I thought they would get along much better both being female. When she came back she had an irish pied girl with a half white collar around the right side of her neck. She was just 5 weeks old and I was told she was the last one to be sold in the litter. I held her, agreed to the purchase and was told to pick her up when she reached 8 weeks of age. Before saying goodbye I asked if I could put her back and visit with all the puppies in the litter. She agreed and I put the puppy back amongst all 5 black and white pups. Then the mostly black one caught my eye and I picked her up. I kissed her and told her that I was sorry I could not have her as my new girl puppy. I put her back reluctantly and told myself I was lucky to find a new born havanese at this time and that I would love the one I bought. The drive home was peaceful knowing that my months of searching were over and I would have two doggies once again as close companions.

I prepared for Bonnie’s homecoming in the three weeks I had to wait. We named her Bonnie because my son had named many of his toys Bobbie and all the boy pets the name Bobbie. Bonnie was the logical transition to a girls name other than Barbie which I was not going to use. With the new bed and new toys, even Bella was getting a bit excited but still mourning Bobbie.

The day came to pick up Bonnie and I had a box securely positioned in the front seat so I could see her and she could see me but could not get out. When I arrived I could not see the puppy I bought. I was told that the woman who had the pick right before me had changed her mind and she hoped I would not be upset receiving another female. I was stunned since I was not informed beforehand but it probably would not have made a difference because we had waited so long and needed to calm Bella down enough to sleep through the night. Then she brought out the mostly black puppy I had picked up and kissed. I was even more stunned and thrilled to get my pick of the litter. I held her and bonded with her right away and she was so gentle, calm and sweet. I loved her instantly!

Before I left the breeders house, I mentioned that I was wanting to breed her in the future and asked what I needed to do. She said we could talk about that later but for now all I had to do was to pick a name and mail in the registration papers to the American Kennel Club. I did that right away and chose the family name for her, Bonnie Belle Stevenson.

Bonnie fit right in and Bella immediately cheered up and was off the valium. We were a happy family once again with my son and daughter falling in love with her.