It's an awesome world!
It’s an awesome world!

I remember opening my eyes and seeing my mom and my brothers and sisters cuddled up against me. It was very exciting drinking my mothers milk because we would all fight for the fullest tit. And my mom kept licking me everywhere knocking me all around. Every now and then this big being would pick one of us up and go in the other room. My mother would go haywire and we all got worried. I didn’t get picked up as much as my litter mates. I was fine with that since I really preferred just sleeping.

One day my sister left for a while and a different being came back with her. She put her down next to my mom and then picked me up. She held me close for a while and then kissed me and said something to me before putting me down. I liked her because she was so gentle to me. but then she left.

After a while all my brothers and sisters went away and it was just my mom and me left in the area we lived. She wouldn’t even let me drink any more milk from her tits. All I had to eat was some kind of mush. Often times I was left all alone. But then I was brought to the kitchen area and I recognized the nice one who kissed me a while back. She held me while talking to the one who lived with us. They talked quite a while before I was put down next to my mom. I was told to say goodby whatever that means, but I found out soon enough. I was never to see my mom again.

I was then bounced around in a small pit with some toys and a bed. It seemed like a very long time before everything stopped moving around. My person, named Anne as I was to learn, then picked me up and brought me to a very active dog named Bella who would not leave me alone. I just wanted to run and hide behind my person. But it was nice to have someone to sleep so I was not alone. In fact I had two other persons that gave me a lot of attention. The bigger was a boy named Steven and was very gentle. I like him a lot. But the littler one was a girl named Reyna and was a bit rough. She had me in her doll clothes most all the time. It was years like this until my life changed completely.

Anne brought me a small bag she called sherpa. She left it open near me trying to get me to enter it. I was ver hesitant but I like small places under things so I ended up sleeping there sometimes. The big surprise  came when I had to stay in it during a car ride. My girl, Reyna, was with my person and we waited in a very busy place. I was then picked up and carried into a big tunnel with lots of people and I ended up resting under a seat and all I could see was Reyna’s legs. The ground began to vibrate and didn’t stop. It was a very long time until we got out of the big tube to just waited in another busy place. I got to get out of the bag and was told to go pee on some paper. I had never done that and was not about to start so I refused. Then we got onto another tube but it was a much faster trip. This time I got out of my bag right away and I walked along side the baggage to stand i a long line. I finally got to go pee on some black ground. We inched our way forward to a group of cars and entered one of them. The driver sounded funny but I remember hearing one word before: “Paris”. I sat on my person”s lab the whole way.

We got out of the cab in a small street with tall buildings on either side. The smell was good and I wanted to enter the restaurant we saw but instead went through a door right next to it. Bags were dragged up stairs and I had difficulty climbing without getting hit. We went up 4 sections of stairs to a small door at the end of the hall. Inside was a big room with three windows. there was a hallway with a couch and, through another door, a room with a bed and a bathroom. This was to be home. Reyna slept in a bed that came from under the couch and I slept in a cage at the head of her bed. I got walked regularly down the street called Mazarine to do my business next to three trees that were in front of two restaurants. I was three years old and I never made mistakes in the house. I loved walking on a leash. Sometimes Anne and I would walk for 6 hours all over the city. She walked so fast I had to learn to keep up. We walked Reyna to school everyday. I would frustrate them in the morning because I had to talk myself into going poop in the gutters and I would turn around and around before I felt comfortable to go. I would hear them count every turn…28,29,30!