Puppy Availability

Our puppies are ready to go home at 16 weeks. Read more about our process, including why we wait until they are 16 weeks old to send our puppies home.

We follow a process designed to ensure our puppies are as best prepared to face the world confidently with their new families as we can. This includes socialization basics, correct grooming behavior, the foundations of crate and potty-training. Then, we work with you to match the right companion with your lifestyle.

We have no puppies currently looking for homes.

Picking a Belle Sun Puppy

When you purchase a Belle Sun Havanese, you’re purchasing a companion for life. Our process and commitment to our puppies make all the difference. We breed to continue to further the standard of the Havanese breed. This means we have limited litters, as we take great care in choosing our sire and dams. Our process includes parental health screening, puppy sensory training, and giving your companion a strong foundation to grow off of as far as socialization, crate training, grooming, and potty training. 

The Process

Before starting, we ask that potential puppy parents fill out a brief introductory form. This helps both you and us determine if Belle Sun is the right fit for your desired companion.

Then, we will email a questionnaire aimed at selecting the perfect companion for you and schedule a virtual home visit. This allows you to meet the puppies and our adults, to see the quality of care we put into maintaining our dogs’ space and health, and enables us to help puppy-proof your home.

Our puppies cost $3,000 total. Please review our contract here.

Step 1: Fill Out Introductory Form

If you are interested in one of the Belle Sun Havanese puppies posted above, please take a few minutes to submit an introductory form, which opens when puppies are available.

If this form is not available and puppies are posted as available, we have received all the introductions we can accept at the moment.

Step 2: Fill Out a Questionnaire

Next we email our Companion Questionnaire which helps match both your and our expectations as far as what kind of companion you are searching for and which of our puppies would best suit your lifestyle.

Step 3: Schedule a Visit

Come meet the Belle Sun family (virtually)!

We’ll show you our current Havanese, including parents and puppies. And when your puppy arrives, you can schedule a visit anytime to keep in contact with them!

Additional Information

If you have questions about how we raise our puppies or pricing you can read more here.

Our sales contract is also freely available here. All new owners of a Belle Sun Havanese must sign one. Upon discussion, amendments may be made. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.