We breed happy, healthy, champion Havanese and raise them to be capable, confident companions for life.

I have lived with dogs all my life and was responsible for a dog before I was out of college. When I met and owned my first Havanese, I knew I wanted to continue the experience. Dogs cannot speak for themselves, but if you truly listen you can know what they want. I make sure that every dog I own has access to the greatest care I can provide. It is with this attitude that I established my breeding program.

Anne Stevenson, Owner & Breeder

I studied the Havanese Standard both in Europe and the United States. Since 2008, I have endeavored to produce Havanese as close to standard as possible. Though I breed only once a year on average, I work towards that goal every day. I choose my matings very carefully, selecting the best match possible for the best quality pups.

All my breeding dogs are thoroughly tested and I aim to be as transparent as I can. If there is any health problem in a litter, I will pass any information onto owners of all pups from that litter. Through all my hard work, major problems are a rarity with my pups and I have consistently produced champion dogs from almost every litter.

Because I am a small-time breeder, with a single litter per year on average, each puppy out of my breeding program is special. They are treated as family. My puppies stay with me longer than any breeder I know, placed at 4 months rather than the average 2 of other breeders.

I keep my puppies longer for multiple reasons, among which are: to fully begin socialization and potty-training, and ensure that shots are given so that they do not interfere with the natural immunities passed on by the mother. I wait one week after the last series of vaccinations to give them their rabies shot and chip. When the puppy is chosen and taken into its new family, the AKC papers are all filled out with their new chosen name and the chip is registered to the new owner.


We’ve compiled a list of resources that are helpful whether you’re just starting to look for a puppy or have a Havanese or two at home already.