• The 'E' Litter - 2/6/2009

At Belle Sun, we use our knowledge of Havanese, years of experience as breeders, and with intentionality, raise puppies to ensure the puppy you take home will be a healthy, happy, well-adjusted companion for life.

We Raise Healthy Havanese

There are many factors that contribute to your puppy’s health. While each puppy’s overall health is a priority, we focus three:

  • Health screening (both puppies and parents)
  • Vaccinations
  • Diet

Whether you’re getting your puppy from us or another breeder, be sure to ask questions about each of these factors.

Health Screening

Before breeding, all our dogs undergo rigorous health screening. They are tested for any abnormal genetic markers, are OFA certified and have received CHIC certification. We breed for confirmation, meaning all our dogs meet guidelines set in place to maintain the quality and integrity of the Havanese breed.


As puppies grow, they have to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, puppy vaccines are the same dosage for a giant breed as the smaller ones. Due to this, the systems of small dogs, such as the Havanese, can be overwhelmed by the vaccinations.

For this reason, we choose to wait longer to give them the first vaccinations and the subsequent doses. Extending the period between doses also decreases any interference with their natural immunities. This is one of the reasons our puppies go home later.


In over a decade of breeding we have had no instances of heart disease or cancer, and we attribute part of this to their diet.

From one month old, our puppies are introduced to a variety of foods, including: beef, pork, lamb and salmon. Additionally, they are fed a grain-free diet. We start our dogs out on this type of diet in an effort to reduce the potential of any allergies. At about a year old they are transitioned to the same diet as our adults. It is essentially the same except that it includes grains such as quinoa and spelt, as we believe that dogs require a degree of grain to be completely healthy.

We Raise Happy Havanese

What makes a Havanese truly happy? These dogs are happiest when they are by their family’s side, when they are playing with you or other dogs, and when they get to explore the world alongside their owners.

Part of the Family

Our puppies are part of the family, raised in the heart of our home. Newborn puppies and their moms live in our bedroom for the first three weeks of their life. This allows for them to be monitored day and night, ensuring everyone is healthy, and for them to be exposed from day one to the sounds and feeling of being part of the family.


Playing isn’t just about exerting energy, it’s about learning and connecting. Puppies play with their littermates for hours every day, forming bonds between one another and learning to communicate.

The same principles are involved with human-puppy play. Our puppies learn to play with people early on, developing their own styles and preferences. Some love to chase their toys, much like cats, while others prefer the more traditional tug-of-war or fetch.

All of these interactions teach the puppy about people and teach us about the puppy, and are infinitely important to the overall health of your future companion.


As our puppies grow up they are exposed to many different stimuli. They spend most of their time with us in the office, where they have access to a slew of daily opportunities to socialize with new people and dogs. We also take them out on ‘adventures’, giving them positive experiences with the wider world.

All of this helps ensure that the Belle Sun puppy who goes home with you is a happy, healthy, and eager member of the family right from the start.

We Raise well-adjusted Havanese

The world is a big place for small dogs, what with all the loud noises and things that tower over them. That’s why we set our Havanese up for success through early desensitization, the beginnings of crate and potty training, early familiarization to grooming and other tools that help your puppy fit right into your family.

Early Desensitization Training

Little dogs are often easily agitated by noises as the world is far louder to their ears and they can’t see everything the way we can. For that reason, our puppies go through a form of desensitization training starting at three days old. This does not mean noises will not ever bother them. Our desensitization method helps them adjust more easily to noises in their environment.

Crate Training

To make the crate your puppy’s safe space takes intentional training.

It is important puppies feel safe in their crate. We begin crate training them at eight to ten weeks old, teaching our puppies that it is a safe place to rest where they can play with a favorite toy or chew on a bully-stick. It should not be a place they go when punished or used as a time-out space.

Potty Training

We start potty training early. Our puppies are liter box trained and are on their way to being outside potty trained by the time you take them home. We also send all the tools you need to continue to successfully potty training your puppy home with you.


This breed is known for its lovely long coat, which requires daily maintenance to keep untangled and looking luxurious. For most, that is beyond the scope of what they can manage with a pet, and thus almost all Havanese are kept in a “puppy cut”. In preparation for this, our puppies are bathed and groomed regularly, familiarizing them with regular brushing, bathtime, nail clipping, and brushing their teeth throughout their puppy-hood.

Our Price

When you purchase a $3,000 Belle Sun puppy, you’re purchasing a happy, healthy, well-adjusted companion for life.

By the time you take home your puppy we have taken care of most of the first-year necessities:

  • 2x DHPP
  • Rabies
  • Bordatella
  • Microchip

You’ll also receive a puppy starter pack which includes:

  • One (1) Revolution dose (anti-flea treatment)
  • A bag of puppy food
  • A bag of potty pellets
  • Toys
  • Your puppy’s complete file (with all vet visits)
  • AKC registration
  • Microchip registration
  • Pedigree
  • A copy of Nose to Tail