Owner Story

Chance is constantly looking for something to do or get into, while Elsa is happy just to be a lap dog. They are still very close and play hard.They are both remarkable dogs with incredible personalities!

We have redone the fencing and kennel several times because Chance is smarter than I am! He is just extremely busy, curious, and intelligent and needs new challenges and puzzles to solve.  The two of them have conferences studying the fence! I am serious. I watch their conferences and figure out what their next move is! Amazing!

They are so much fun and have so much personality I almost cry, but am usually laughing at their antics.  I cannot believe Elsa playing peekaboo and other games. She hardly seems a dog at times, she is so unique.  Everyone loves them, and their incredibly different (from other dogs) personalities! They will love the soon-to-come snow! I can hardly wait!

They are great companions to us and each other. Even people who are not dog people, love them.

Leslie King
Owner of both Chance and Elsa

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