At Belle Sun Havanese we prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs. Our dedication in those aspects has earned us the title of “Breeder of Merit”, of which we are very proud. We work hard to maintain it through high standards of care for our pups while they are in our hands and giving them the best transition possible into their new life.

The price of our puppies is $2000. This may seem high compared to the average reputable Havanese breeder, however, a Belle Sun Havanese is well worth the money. Here is why:

    • Every litter we have produced a champion or grand champion dog
    • By the time you take home your puppy we have taken care of most of the first-year necessities:
        • 2x DHPP
        • Rabies
        • Bordatella
      • Microchip
  • An older puppy is more socialized and better potty-trained
Please note that does not mean they will be fully trained when you take them home. Potty training can take up to a year for a Havanese puppy and must be firmly continued by the new owner in their new home.

In addition to the above list, we also provide a “starter pack” for your puppy, including:

    • One (1) Revolution dose (anti-flea treatment)
    • A bag of puppy food
    • A training potty mat
    • A toy
  • Your puppy’s complete file:
      • All vet visits
      • AKC registration
      • Microchip registration
    • Pedigree

The totals of both lists are $412, which when subtracted from our $2000 price puts our puppies’ price right in the middle of most average breeders’ pricing ranges ($1500-$1800).

Our pet puppies go to their forever homes starting at the age of 12 weeks. Compared to most breeders in the area, this is quite different. We keep our dogs longer for many reasons. The main one is so that we can get the puppy ready vaccine-wise for its new horizons, as well as beginning potty and crate training.